Baeth Davis

Global Leader

Baeth Davis is known as "Doctor Purpose" to global leaders, especially the healing-artist entrepreneurs.

Using her intuition, extensive content-creation experience, 23 years in business and expertise in scientific hand analysis and human design, she helps you discover and unleash your life purpose and then design a business around your core purpose so you can profit and serve.

She is a supporter of the Unstoppable Foundation, Just Like My Child and the Pachamama Alliance and is committed to bringing the Life Purpose Mastery to creative entrepreneurs globally.

As featured in Women’s World, Cosmopolitan and the LA Times, as well as heard on NPR, KPFK-Los Angeles, Radio Europe and the BBC 5,

Baeth is devoted to helping you unleash your life purpose and uncover the #1 thing that has been holding you back from achieving it.

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10:50 - 11:10

Saturday 30th Jan

Introduction by Micaela Passeri “Profit and Serve: Bring Your Greatest Work to the World