Inability to get real-time information on quality certification and the lack of reliable dataset behind quality certificates result in a tremendous pain for every company. What if we could accelerate quality compliance and share digital quality history in seconds? CertifyIt is a quality certification platform helping SMEs collaborate with internal & external auditors, manage quality compliance & share digital quality history in seconds. Find a quality service and an auditor, track& trace and get real-time information. All certification results are recorded in IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric blockchain and displayed in digital certificates that can be easily updated, monitored and shared with third parties. To prove the concept, we’ve analyzed 28,000 deals to discover pains, reasons, costs, needs of customers. We created a prototype, held offline and online interviews to gather feedbacks. We discovered key quality services, TOP standards and countries with high concentration of manufacturing areas in Europe. We’ve been having monthly meetups with our colleague Emanuele Radise, an international Lead Auditor who worked for key certification bodies and some corporates. Emanuele has been sharing experience, expertise and market insights with us. We’ve developed a subscription model for SMEs doing business on international markets. So far, we’ve spent 2.5 years, more than 10,000 dollars, about 8000 hours absolutely for free. 90% of the platform is developed. We’ve incorporated the company in London, signed key legal documents. We are a team of 7 people. We eat, breath and live with CertifyIt. 10% is left, and we need your help to speed up and launch CertifyIt together. We are looking for a pilot project investing $20,000 spent on developers’ full time work during next 2 months or business investments 70,000$ to finish 10% of development, reach breakeven point during 2.5 months and get profit increase 20-30% monthly.