Cloodot helps businesses to manage chats and reviews from multiple Google My Business listings, Google Business message channels, Facebook pages, WhatsApp numbers, SMS channels, Webchats, etc. from a single dashboard. Cloodot helps faster and efficient resolutions by enabling collaboration among teammates which is not available in original platforms. This means a more delightful experience for customers. what our customers love is the simplicity and user management of our platform. Top that with pricing that doesn't burn their pocket, you get satisfied .we has satisfied customers like Indus motors and Popular Maruti, (south India's 2 biggest dealerships). They manage not just 10 or 12 using Cloodot, their entire locations. Close to 400 in total. We are seeing an uptick in interest after the recent launch of the Google Business Messaging service on Cloodot. We provide both local (Location-based) and Non-Local (Brand messaging) options. In the next 6 months, we will be launching the following 1. Instagram and Facebook comments management 2. Cross-platform interactive messaging (Cards, buttons, etc.) and chatbot. 3. Cross-platform catalog. 4. Improved analytics with sentiment analysis 5. Internal team chat service for seamless intra organization communication. 6. CRM integrations to bridge lead hand-over process. we believe that Cloodot can bring more value to organizations by making multi-platform customer interaction efficient and more value-generating for businesses.