One Stop Shop

We operate an e-commerce platform in North Macedonia named One Stop Shop where customers can purchase everything to be delivered directly at their place, including groceries, pharmacy and medical supplies, pet supplies, bookstore products, flower shop products, home appliances, car accessories, and more. Our vision to empower our platform to serve the whole Balkan region as there is a weaker presence of bigger competitors such as Amazon and similar platforms. At the moment we own local domains for North Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia plus Turkey and Russia which all will be managed under the main domain For now only the Macedonian domain is operational ( Others will be opened step by step We have a 50.000 sq mt warehouse in Skopje, located in the central region of North Macedonia, where we keep our own product stock and operate a proprietary delivery service. We currently employ 25 FTEs, account for a yearly turnover of €900.000 (started July 2020), of which 70% came from B2B sales and 30% came from B2C sales. For the future, we aim to offer a 24 hrs delivery service, enhance our brand concept, integrate big data technologies to boost our marketing capabilities. Our uniqueness comes from our capability to serve both B2B and B2C customers by providing them with a large selection of locally sourced products in several categories with a specific regional focus. We aim to provide a better alternative to current options by humanizing the purchasing experience, invest in branding, logistics network expansion, and big data integration. Our rapid growth is our motivation not to stop on our road to create a real one stop shop place for all of our customers.