Unity Pass


An e-ticket distribution platform for [high-demand events] which requires ID verification upon registration in order to minimize: unethical ticket exploitation, the use of software [bots] and ticket resale on the secondary and black markets A disruptive eTicket distribution platform for high-demand events, which ensures a better ticket purchasing experience and safer event attendance. Unlike any other ticket provision company, ID verification must be completed upon registration for our platform. By doing so we will: minimize eTicket brokering and black market resales; diminish ticket frauds and the use of automated software; (iii) lower the number of people using multiple profiles and devices; and (iv) reduce the frequency and severity of technical issues during online ticket sales. We will also introduce: a contactless way of purchasing and receiving drinks at events; and a layout allowing event attendances at a 30% venue capacity. Finally, we will actively support local culture by financing street art and upcoming talented artists. In terms of our progress, we just managed to presale 15 000 tickets to one of Eastern Europe’s largest music festival organizers, who decided to back us up at our 'idea stage'. We also have our first platform prototype being developed at the moment. Thank you for your time!