Vasil Naci – Investor

CEO & President of Agna Group
Graduated for Finance in the Agricultural University of Tirana in 1991. At the same year started his own business by establishing Anonime Kakavi s.a, the first company of Agna Group.
MBA, Master of Business Administration at the University of New York in Prague, 2006-2008.
Has attended many training programs in sales, marketing, leadership, management, etc., in various countries like USA, India, Greece, the Czech Republic and was trainee of famous trainers such as Philip Kotler and Brian Tracy.
Founder and President of the Board of Agna Leadership Academy.
Lecturer on topics of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Communication, Positive thinking, etc.
Co-author of several books such as: Core Values: A Belief System for Success; Communication & Teamwork; How To Become a Professional in Sales; Discipline & Time Management; Positive Thinking & Confidence; Role of Marketing & Creativity; Laws of Success & Human Resources.
17:30 – 19:00

Sunday 31st Jan

The investors panel